24 Hrs

(Cesare Carugi)

We'll drink wine under a tree
Have a toast and smell the breeze
And all we've got is blown away in the wind
That shares in two these graceful hills

Keep your diamonds on your boat
And your gold rings cold as stone
Honey, you are beautiful
But your skin looks like old
Your money can't buy a new one

Your nails are made for shivers
But my heart stays far away
The sun is painting your weary eyes
But my fare is a thousand
A thousand dollars a day

The skin of your seat is cold
You traded freedom for gold
Even the lightness in your hair is sold
Your empire made you all alone

You keep a little bit of grace
That makes the sun shine on your face
But your hands are like two blades
You move them to complete your games
And let it all going up in flames

Don't ask me for one night more
I can't bear this chill again
I only need some warmth now
Like a body needs a
Like a body needs a grave

Sorry, baby, I'm trembling now
Raindrops falling on the ground
Tomorrow morning I don't know where I'm bound
Another bed in another town

The pool is empty, the grass is grown
The barrel of a gun still smokes
And if you wanna know
How the whole thing goes on
I need 24 hours more.

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